Haunted House: Remastered

A Text Adventure by Robert Wm. Gomez

Haunted House: Remastered

Haunted House began life as the Apple ][ example program from the excellent book, Write your own Adventure Programs for your Microcomputer by Jenny Tyler and Les Howarth (©1983 Usborne Publishing).

Several years ago I ported Haunted House into JavaScript as programming exercise. If you are curious, this early version of the game is posted here. It more or less mimicked the original Applesoft BASIC version.

I eventually realized that I could leverage what I had learned during that process to make a more robust, fair and fun version of the game. Haunted House: Remastered is the result of that effort. This updated version features full room descriptions, story events, a slick retro-styled interface, sound effects, thrills, chills, and puzzles that sorta make sense! So, if you are ready for some intense text adventuring, start the game already!

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A note: I try to keep everything fair, but there are a couple of ways in which you can die. You usually will get a few warning messages beforehand, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Finally, if you find any bugs or egregious typos, let me know. You can contact me via Twitter @robertgomez and through the contact form on robertgomez.org. If you are a nerd, create an issue at the Github repository! I'm probably going to regret this last paragraph.

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